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As the UK’s Finest Rose Specialist, OnlyRoses offer the highest quality fresh-cut, premium Ecuadorian roses with a choice of 250 stunning varieties. Sourced directly from Ecuador, their roses are grown in the natural climate (not in greenhouses) and even with bringing them to the UK this causes less CO2 emissions than growing roses locally in greenhouses. OnlyRoses have a longer vase life than any other roses found in England. What's more, they have recently created the InfiniteRose(TM), real premium Ecuadorian roses that last up to a year, and require no water or refrigeration to keep them looking exquisite.

Their stores are located in two Central London locations, Chelsea and Knightsbridge (next to Harrods). Clients can order in person, via phone or online for same-day, London-wide delivery and next-day UK-wide delivery. The company recently opened a franchise in the Middle East, with the first OnlyRoses store in Dubai's exclusive Palm Strip Mall, in Jumeirah Beach.

Press releases

OnlyRoses set to open in Abu Dhabi

London, 12th November 2013 London based luxury rose retailer, OnlyRoses will open a new store in Abu Dhabi. The store, scheduled to open this... read more

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The world's finest roses in your letterbox

London, 18th October 2013 Luxury rose retailer, OnlyRoses has launched a range of postcards featuring photographs from the ClassicRose Name... read more

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Infinite Joy for a Duchess

London, 23rd July 2013 From Ecuador, home of the world’s finest roses, comes a gift of ‘Infinite Joy for a Duchess’. Pro Ecuador has chosen... read more

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The InfiniteRose. The perfect gift for the teacher who helped your child...

London, 3rd July 2013 It's end of term which means many parents are frantically trying to find appropriate gifts for their child's teacher.... read more

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Girl or Boy, people prefer Pink.

London, 4th June 2013 With the Royal baby due in the summer, luxury roses retailer, OnlyRoses has shed some light on the gifts sent to new... read more

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